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Our pricing is competitive, and innovative.

Law App Software licensing is based on a monthly charge which is less than $100 AUD per user, plus a small onetime disbursement fee for each electronic matter.
Your data is secure at 55c per GB per month which covers managed data & backup in Australia. Your data will always remain your data!
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Pricing Questions

Pricing Questions Answered

Why do you charge by users and files?

Our per user prices are aimed at maintaining reasonable ongoing value for our clients, even if times are tough, like during covid.

Digital file investment gives firms the advantage of a purpose built legal digital file for specialty areas of law, more files = growth.

Our method ensures that each firm pays a reasonable amount commensurate to their size and their overall usage.

Why do you charge for Data?

Traditionally you would have paid for your data, your server and your IT person, now we only ask that you pay for your data and the backup of that data.

Our method ensures that you can affordably store your data with us for the legislated period of record keeping for Lawyers. Even more useful is that you can still have access to your data in its original format for reasonably priced and safe historic purposes, @ only 0.55c per GB/m for managed data, peace of mind is well priced.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime in your account. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged next month. You will continue to have access to your account until your current subscription expires.

If you need to move away from us you can still keep a proper safe record of your data for historic purposes for as long as you need for our reasonable data storage fee.

How does billing work?

Each user is charged a monthly license at the beginning of the month for that month, via direct debit. If you have a new user during the month, you are charged pro-rata for that user for the remainder of the month, individually, via invoice.

Data is charged at the amount of data held at the beginning of each month, via direct debit.

Files are charged automatically to your credit card each time a file is opened and that expense is automatically charged onto your client matter. You can opt out of charging your clients matter in settings.

Can I convert my Data from my old system?

Law Firms should NOT be responsible for Converting data from one system to another. This notion is a waste of the firms resources and time.

Conversions are difficult and genuinely unique even across the same product for different clients. We have been extracting data from a platitude of legal products for over 20 years.

Extraction from another system to Law App is handled by us, and at cost!

Conversions available for Leap, Affinity, FilePro, Open Practice, SilQ, Action Step, Smokeball and more.

How much is user onboarding?

When logged on as a user, you can access training instructional videos, onscreen tips and the help area at your leisure.

User onboarding allows us to set up your environment and allows for us to offer you a coddling 😊 style service level in your first few months, nothing like a friendly Australian Voice to facilitate an easy transition. Because we don't skip on service this is a compulsory cost of $495ex GST for each user.